We are finding that sexual ecstasy in our advanced years is possible
and far beyond anything we knew in our younger lives.

This website is dedicated to seniors who have discovered the same secret we have. We believe this secret is being played out quietly by thousands of like-minded older couples around the world as well as by others who want to rekindle their sex lives and enjoy intimate, loving sex during the last chapter of their lives.

The secret is that as we age we are capable of having the most
intimate sexual relationship of our lives.

Our own personal experience and research show that as we grow older our desire for intimacy increases, and our capacity for sexual connection expands. Combine that with modern medication that helps us overcome performance issues, and you have a powerful foundation for building loving, ecstatic sexual relationships regardless of age.

Our birthright is to have great sex in old age, but we must claim it!

Few seniors discuss their sex life openly, so we are beginning a dialog to share what works for all of us. We want to discuss the details of this old-age sexual revolution, in hopes it will inspire your relationship to blossom as ours has. We encourage you, our readers, to reach out with your comments, suggestions, and questions.

We look forward to hearing what you are doing to keep your love life vibrant.

It’s never too late to have a great sex life!

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