Victoria Bentley

Vicki is a Clinical Psychologist in her early 70s who has been in private practice for 40+ years. She is a somatic therapist specializing in helping people overcome childhood emotional trauma.

In her 60s, she felt called to help women victims of sexual violence heal and rebuild their lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Through her non-profit, Empower Congo Women, Vicki is currently developing trauma healing centers there.

She has been researching, writing and experimenting with sex and aging for 10 years, all of this leading to her co-authoring this blog with her new husband, Kevin.


Kevin is in his late 60s. As a General, Peripheral Vascular, and Thoracic Surgeon, he spent many years compassionately treating patients in life-threatening situations.

Now disabled by leukemia and arthritis, he is retired and paints oil portraits, manages his ranch, and spends time in the outdoors.

After a very busy professional life, he finds that human connection and intimacy top his agenda.


About Us

The two of us met several years ago and quickly developed an intense intimacy. Neither of us expected to find such love this late in our lives. Together, we’ve been trying to understand the “how and why” of this delightful turn of events. We work hard to preserve and deepen our relationship knowing that time is short, and because we’re having so much fun!

We’re using this website to explore, share and grow our love, romance, and intimate connection. We encourage you to join us as we talk about the enormous potential we old folks have for emotional and sexual intimacy in this last chapter of our lives.

Please add your comments at the end of each blog. We’ll reply as soon as we can.