spiritual lovers during ecstatic sacred sex
Kevin here. . .
What does sacred sex do?

It puts us in our body in the moment … it transcends everyday concerns and lets us abandon self-consciousness and judgments about ourselves and others. We feel deeply connected and seen … and we are no longer alone. It dissolves the ego that is the source of all loneliness. We experience timelessness as it takes us out of everyday life and mundane concerns to a place that feels special … peaceful … healing. It allows us to be one with our lover in a way we haven’t experienced since our mother’s womb. It touches us to the core of our being, blending us into an amalgam of one. 

And why do seniors do it better?   

Because as we age, we care less about what others think of us and are less judgmental of other people. As we age, our careers, self-image, and the external world become less important than our family, friends, and intimates. Our desire for deep connection and intimacy become more important than ever. Our impending mortality makes us willing to be more honest with ourselves and truly authentic with our loved ones … and, therefore, extremely vulnerable. Because we have lost so much, and with loss, intimate connection becomes so much sweeter.

And what is a sacred, spiritual experience?

It is a feeling that all is right with you at that moment … it is a deep sense of belonging … the sensation of being in the right place at the right time, and deeply immersed in the moment without worry, judgment, or self-consciousness. You are in timeless space … simultaneously mortal and immortal. It is a feeling of being connected to everyone and everything … a oneness with all … a sense that transcends the knowledge of universal suffering. It is where our egos disappear, and we experience a special sensation that surpasses mundane life … the day-to-day concerns are left behind when we enter a sacred mindset. It is accompanied by awe … an understanding that we are but a speck of life in this universe … an amazement that we are made up of molecules forged in stellar furnaces. It is the intuitive understanding of what sparks our life force.

Sacred Lovers

So when you lie naked next to your Lover, sharing breath while feeling each other’s heartbeat … slowly becoming aware of the life force and sexual desire rising within you, you are entering the world of Sacred Sex. As you bare your aged bodies and souls and ask for what you want, you show the courage of your love, and you will be rewarded by the delight and compassion in your lover’s eyes. As your passion builds, your breath shortens, and time slows until you are lost in timeless space together … when you dive deep into your beloved’s eyes, swimming in their liquid depths, you are having a spiritual experience with each other.

And when your mind, body, and soul are fully immersed in this intimate connection and your egos dissolve … you merge into one and are connected with all that is. There is no yesterday or tomorrow, no me or you, no outside or inside, only the joy of this ecstatic connection … then all is right in the universe, and the two of you are without a doubt Sacred Divine Lovers.

When you both tire and can no longer sustain the ecstatic connection of Sacred Sex, you untwine and become separate again. Yet, you are changed by that sacred experience. Stronger and exalted by your time together, you are more open to life and less fearful of your own mortality. With your heart radiating compassion, you are a better friend, a more supportive spouse, and a less critical parent or boss. In short, a better person!

Vicki here. . .

Aging offers us a unique opportunity to transcend ordinary consciousness, because we find ourselves between our younger selves, who we no longer are, and our death, the great abyss from which no one returns. Aged beyond who we used to be and not knowing where we’re going, we find ourselves in an uncharted no-man’s land. Faced with this ambiguity, we can sink into despair for what’s been lost or we can transcend our fears in moments of ecstatic bliss. Kevin and I have chosen the later. . .the road to spirituality through intimate sexual connection.

Everyone has this choice, but it’s more obvious now that our time grows shorter. Ironically, we have the opportunity now to transform ourselves in ways we couldn’t imagine when our days stretched out before us. Poised on the edge of a cliff, we must trust the power of love and connection to catch us when we fall. 

The choice is yours

My question to you, dear reader: How do you want to spend the last 10 to 20 years of your life? Disheartened by lost youth, obsessed with your health, or will you embrace the transcendent ecstasy that loving, intimate sex can bring?

This is a life-encompassing decision that is surprisingly easy to make. In fact, you’ve already been doing it every day of your life! In each moment, we all choose the perspective, the mental spin we put on our lives. And, that perspective determines the emotions you feel. . .ergo the quality of your life.

Like choosing what to have for dinner, you make choices that exclude other things. Now that your life is down to the wire, you must choose carefully where to put your attention, what to focus on, because that will determine the quality of your last years. As Gerald Jampolsky asks in his seminal book, Love Is The Answer, Will you choose love or fear?

The choice is always yours, and it’s always there. It is never too late to open your heart to love. 

What path have you chosen? Let us know in the comments below or share your story with us privately.