Sex an Elixir For Aging

As it turns out, sex is a natural elixir for the health problems that plague us in old age. Research shows that loving touch, sex, and orgasms all possess health-enhancing properties pharmaceuticals only wish they could reproduce. Sex has the potential to be the fountain of youth for aging folks. This is because sexual intimacy is a natural phenomenon that enables us to live longer, happier lives.

Sex promotes overall good health in seniors

Even more so than our simian cousins, human beings are social animals, meaning our bodies crave intimate, physical contact with others. Recent research indicates that older folks who are lonely have a significantly greater risk of dying than those who are not. Women who identify as lonely have a 64% greater chance of developing dementia and being placed in a nursing home!

It’s in our best interests to continue being sexual as we age. We feel most alive when we’re in a loving, sexy relationship. And when loving couples rekindle the flame after a long hiatus, they regain their excitement about life. Despite the cultural meme that sex is only for the young, our bodies are never too old for sex.

Women’s health improved by loving sex

Research at Wilkes University found that women who have sex more than twice a week have 30% higher levels of Immunoglobulin A. This antibody boosts the immune system to fight viruses like flu and pneumonia, which are deadly to the elderly. Sexual activity also releases oxytocin, the “love hormone,” which promotes emotional bonding and feelings of well being. Oxytocin also reduces stress levels, lowers blood pressure, and lessens anxiety symptoms; it is nature’s way of healing us through loving touch!

Research at Rutgers University found that women who have sex regularly may be able to raise their pain threshold by more than 90%! A recent study at the Sexuality Resource Center in Madison, WI reported that just one orgasm a week has the potential to reduce depression and risk of heart disease in women by 36%!

So, an orgasm a day keeps illness at bay…

Orgasms drastically reduce heart disease in senior men!

But the most compelling study to date comes from Queens University in Belfast. Researchers tracked 918 men, aged 45 to 59 for 14 years (1979-1993) to determine if there was a relationship between sexual frequency and lifespan. They found that the more orgasms men had, the longer they lived. Men who had 3+ orgasms a week cut their risk of heart attack and stroke by 50%!

These are astonishing results when you consider that heart disease is the No. 1 cause of death in men (and women) in the United States, leading to the death of over 300,000 men each year. And yet, nowhere in the research or the American Heart Association health recommendations is sex mentioned as prophylactic, nor is continuing to be sexual recommended as a healthy lifestyle choice.

These findings are also remarkable because no medication can approximate this study’s reported success. Nonetheless, most Americans rely on pharmaceuticals to prevent stroke and heart attack. And the effectiveness of beta-blockers, the medication frequently prescribed for heart disease, is questionable for older patients.

“To touch is to give life”

Over 450 years ago, Michelangelo commented on the profound nature of touch. Saul Schanberg, an early researcher on touch, believed that touch is more powerful than vocal or facial communication.  Recent studies show that people can differentiate feelings of love, anger, gratitude, disgust, and compassion by touch alone over 50% of the time. Compassion is the emotion most easily understood by touch, which makes touch the most natural way to communicate love to your partner.

A large body of research has determined that touch is crucial for maintaining good health. Lack of it can result in lowered immune response, childhood delays, allergies, asthma, dermatitis, and cardiovascular disease. Babies die without it, and so do the elderly.

Loving touch enables people to feel emotionally safe and secure. It has the amazing ability to balance the right and left sides of the brain, while therapeutic massage is known to reduce chronic pain. In ways science can measure but not yet explain, loving touch is able to lower stress levels, reduce insomnia, and lessen depression.

There is no evidence to prove we ever outgrow this basic human need. In fact, we need to touch and be touched even more as we grow older. I believe that sensual love is what enables seniors to feel good about themselves until the end.


Seniors are sexual beings

It’s time to rethink our cultural belief that old people aren’t sexual. First off, this belief is a throwback to earlier times when women didn’t have the pill and Viagra was only wishful thinking. And second, it’s just not true as more seniors than you might think are having sex these days. Some are even having the best sex of their lives—loving, passionate, orgasmic sex.

Hard data shows us that sex plays a major role in keeping us healthy as we age. It’s up to us to change the existing paradigm on sex and aging and embrace our sexuality for the sake of our health. It is not our bodies but the antiquated beliefs about sex that keep us from enjoying the benefits of this natural blessing. Denying our need for loving sex goes against our basic nature, because sexual desire and the ability to orgasm live on, even while the body declines.

Skin is our biggest, most sensitive sex organ, so sexual pleasure is always at your fingertips. In addition, sensual pleasure is free, without side effects, and brings joy to both the giver and receiver. We’re here to encourage you to enjoy your sexuality as you age, for your health’s sake and your own happiness. Imagine how much more alive you’ll feel!