Senior Sexuality

May 2019

Loving The Soft Penis


The soft penis has long been ignored and maligned when compared to his hard counterpart. It's time we give the little guy the love and appreciation he so deserves, and then everyone wins!

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April 2019

Viagra or Cialis? Pros and Cons


Viagra and Cialis are two prescribed medications frequently taken to treat impotence, now commonly called Erectile Dysfunction (ED). The pros and cons of both are discussed in this article by Dr. Erika Thost, author of "Best Sex Ever for Midlife Men-And Their Partners."

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March 2019

February 2019

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December 2018

Ecstatic Sacred Sex


Sexual experiences are more than physical encounters, especially as we age. At this stage in our lives, we have more of ourselves to give emotionally and are capable of experiencing spiritual transcendence during ecstatic moments of sacred sex.

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