Senior man enjoys the perfect holiday gift of a massage table.

Vicki here. . .

The holiday season is upon us, and many of us are wondering what to give that special someone.

An original gift that shows your extreme sensitivity, reflects your undying desire to please, provides unlimited pleasure, and says, “I Love You” like nothing else. . .and, unbelievably, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg?

Nearly impossible to meet all those criteria, you say? Not for us. We have the answer for you!

And the perfect holiday gift is. . .

So, what is this perfect gift? A massage table! This present includes not only the table but also your offer to give that special someone a loving massage.

I mean, compare that with giving him another tie or golf balls and her a pretty sweater or jewelry! Even the latest, most expensive hi-tech gizmo cannot measure up to the relationship benefits the massage table offers—intimate connection, sensual pleasure, and perhaps even a sexy romp.

Bonus: Massage table features
  • Portable with a hard carrying case
  • Easy to set up with adjustable height
  • Padded for comfort, with an added soft attachment for your head
  • Holds up to 450 pounds
  • Lasts for years with little or no upkeep
  • Reduces stress, promotes relaxation, and releases pain
  • Wide choice of tables at affordable prices
Go for the magic!

Let’s be honest—most holiday gifts are just things. Not that things can’t be fascinating, but they eventually break, wear out, or lose their luster when the newness wears off. Whereas, the gift of massage continues to enhance its user’s pleasure and well-being with time and practice.

But the gift of a massage table is not really the table itself. Rather, it’s a commitment to bringing loving intimacy into your relationship. Massage creates a healthy, life-long bond when lovers touch and caress each other with affection. Learning how to consciously give and receive physical pleasure through touch, and practicing it regularly, strengthens your intimate relationship like nothing else. Loving touch is the real magic!

Older woman benefitting from a massage table relaxation.

A personal testimony

Last night, I couldn’t sleep. Overtired from Thanksgiving, a sharp pain in my knee kept jerking me awake. I tossed and turned, trying to get comfortable. Sadly, my unrest woke Kevin, and he began gently stroking my arm. Then, he placed his large, warm palm on my back, radiating his loving concern. The message his hand sent was clear—you are safe, you can relax, we are here together. My body understood the message and remembered how to be calm, and then, I finally relaxed.

When I first met Kevin, he slept on his back with arms crossed across his chest like a corpse. As a retired General Surgeon, he had spent most of his adult life on call, leaving for the hospital at all hours to help others. Sleep was a treasured commodity, not to be trifled with, certainly not to be disturbed. Consequently, affectionate touch was not welcome during sleep time.

So, when he reached over and calmed me with his warm, loving hand, I knew we had come a long way. Not just him, but for me as well, because I accepted the loving energy he sent me. At that moment, I realized we had both learned to give and receive the profound gift of touch. And, giving each other Loving Massages was how we learned to do that.

Kevin here. . .

Ours is the most open and diverse culture the world has ever known. This allows people to be more true to themselves than ever before, yet we are still victims of cultural biases. The belief that touch is not a basic human need—that we don’t need human touch to survive and thrive—is one of those dysfunctional cultural biases that injures us all. That deeply ingrained belief is the foundation for our touch-averse society.

My resistance to touch

I grew up in a family that valued touch. My father and I always greeted each other with hugs and kisses until the day he died. I loved snuggling with my kids and bound them to my chest in one of those front baby carriers. I reveled in the intimate contact.

And yet, I realize the resistance to reach out lovingly with and for touch still resides within me. I know I internalized the cultural command to grow up and stop being a baby and wanting to cuddle with Mom. Without a doubt, I internalized the imperative foisted on men to be strong, competent, independent, and unfeeling.

When I resist being soothed by touch because I’m tired and discouraged, I am aware of my resistance.  I know it when I tell Vicki that I am too tired to receive a massage or too tired to accept a sexual favor. When I turn away from a massage that I know will relieve my aching body, I now understand it’s because I learned early that I don’t deserve and shouldn’t want that loving touch.

Massage table to the rescue

This is where the massage table comes in. Buying a massage table for you and your beloved affirms your commitment to continue touching one another with love for the rest of your lives.

Vicki and I are fortunate enough to have a room dedicated to massage, and we highly recommend you do that if possible. Our massage room, with its candle-filled altar, soft lighting, and beautiful music, is a physical testament to our mutual commitment to loving touch and intimate connection.

With age, I’ve lost the flexibility to give a massage on the bed or floor and need the ergonomic advantage of a massage table. I find I need to frequently switch sides and positions to stay connected with Vicki as I massage different parts of her delicious, welcoming body.

The table also benefits me when I’m the receiver. Lying on my belly, my head cradled in the doughnut headrest, and my arms dangling toward the floor, I am comfortable in a way I never am in bed. Without the discomfort, I stay present and more connected to Vicki while she caresses me.

Another huge benefit is that massage tables encourage taking turns—one gives while the other receives. The roles are clear, each person knowing what to do. Frankly, I think taking turns pleasuring each other (sexually or non-sexually) works better than when both people try to give and receive at the same time.

Yeah, I admit that when I’m receiving the massage, I occasionally snake an arm out to fondle Vicki’s bottom. But mostly, she is active, and I am passive when she rubs, strokes, and teases my ever so grateful body. It took me a long time to allow myself to enjoy this pleasure, but I’m sure glad I did.

The massage table as a symbol of your love and commitment

So, buy a massage table, leave it up, and use it often. Dress it in soft, colorful sheets, with coconut oil nearby. Make arrangements for relaxing music and dim lighting. Even if you don’t have a dedicated room, leave the table out so that it’s a reminder. Cover the folded table with a beautiful cloth, stack votive lights on top, and you have an altar to your intimacy.

If you’re worried what your friends or adult kids will think, tell them the table was prescribed by doctors for therapeutic reasons! And, tell them they should buy a massage table as well! You’ll be telling them the truth on both counts, and it’s not their business anyway!

The table will become a symbol of your love and commitment to staying intimate with each other. Now, you just have to make a habit of using it! So, when your beloved is tired and hurting or when you are feeling frisky, offer a Loving Massage. And when you are depleted and need comfort or perhaps just because it is your turn, ask for a Loving Massage. You will do more for your relationship than you can imagine.

Ready to transform your life by buying a massage table?

Isn’t it time you treated yourself and your beloved? It’s easy! All you have to do is. . .

  • Step 1: Buy your massage table by ordering one of these. Starter table, mid-range, and luxury.
  • Step 2: When you receive it in the mail, immediately set it up—it takes just minutes.
  • Step 3: Say goodbye to aches and pains and feeling cut off from the most important person in your life, and say hello to a happy body and warmer, intimate love life!

Have you experienced other upsides to owning a massage table? Let us know if the comments below!