Kevin here. . .

We are changing the name of our website from “Sex Gets Better After 60” to “Love Gets Better After 60.” I think the name change could be a good thing. After all, we are advocating that mature couples have connected, intimate sex, and it is to be found perhaps exclusively between Lovers. And God knows I am madly in love with Victoria, and that’s what I write about.

Because some people have a narrow definition of what sex is, we may be losing them with the word sex in the title—turning them off and scaring them away.  My definition of sex is broad. It includes. . .cuddling, love talk, sensual massage, kissing, fantasizing, petting, eye gazing, sharing breath, holding hands, hugging, and even kindness to each other. It is all sex to me!

Basically, anything that stirs the sexual energy is sex in my book. And that’s what “Love Gets Better After 60” is all about. We believe that sharing sexual energy strengthens the bonds of love between couples, improving their loving relationships, especially as we age. So, the name change is all for the good.

The ugly side of social media

In an attempt to expand the reach of our blog, we tried to place a few ads on Facebook. And we soon discovered that if you have Sex in the page title, Facebook won’t place the ad. Doesn’t matter that we are licensed healthcare professionals. Forget that humans thrive best when they have a healthy sexual connection. Ignore the fact that a lack of that robust sexual relationship is a source of misery for many. People without that intimacy not only suffer themselves, but they often make those around them unhappy as well. Apparently, in an attempt to exclude porn and sex workers, Facebook decided that even the word “sex” in your ad title is toxic.

What does it say about us as humans when the biggest social media site on the planet, connecting billions of people, hides even the most benign discussions of our sexuality while at the same time promoting violence and hatred? It’s depressing. And to be frank, I’m stewing about it!

As we age, we hope to become wiser. If we are fortunate, the strictures of parents, the church, and culture fall away, and we are able to love each other more honestly, more deeply. We learn to connect, and we do it well. We may begin to understand that loving, connected sex exalts us and that it helps us tolerate the indignity of aging as well. Victoria and I want to share with you how we are living this truth. And if we have to change the blog name to further that goal, so be it!

Our message is the same

While the name is slightly different, our message remains strong and consistent. We know without a doubt that being in a loving, intimate, sexual relationship empowers us to be happier and healthier as we age. Research supports this, and our personal experience is living proof.

We will continue to encourage you to make the time to be intimate with your partner. Even if it’s scary to do, break the ice and begin an honest discussion about your sexual needs and desires with your partner. Keep the conversation going. The intimacy will grow naturally, and you will both be richly rewarded. 

What is your definition of an intimate relationship? Let us know in the comments below!